Do you want to learn about the Medicinal Plants of Appalachia? You can learn about some of these plants from my book "Medicinal Plants, Trees, & Shrubs of Appalachia". You can see some sample pages by clicking on the link below.


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8 1/2 x 11 format - Paperback. Medicinal Plants, Trees, & Shrubs of Appalachia will teach you about plants of the Appalachian Region. This book has 105 plants with descriptions, color photos of each plant, and a space  to record your own notes. It tells when the plant flowers, what part is medicinal, when to gather and how to use it. It describes each plants medicinal properties and what that property means, as well as a section on weights and measures, and dosages, plant parts, different types of preparations, a flowering calendar and a gathering calendar.


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Bill Church is a certified WV Master Naturalist; certified herbalist; has trained with Tom Brown (world renown tracker) in tracking and wilderness survival; and has published a book on medicinal plants called "Medicinal Plants, Trees, & Shrubs of Appalachia".


Bill has trained for many years in tracking, botany, bird identification, wildlife habits, herbal medicine and other things about nature. He works full time as a Network and Computer Specialist for Glenville State College. He has taken classes from some of the countries most famous Herbalists; (David Winston, Rosemary Gladstar). He is of Cherokee and English descent.


Bill wrote and published “Medicinal Plants, Trees, & Shrubs of Appalachia” second edition, which lists 105 plants from the Appalachian region, especially Gilmer and the surrounding counties of West Virginia. He is also Co-coordinator for the Gilmer County Master Naturalist Association and has taught classes on herbal medicine. 


Starting the middle of January you will be able to purchase my book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble; etc, so watch for it at bookstores.


I am in the process of video taping each plant in the book and will be offering a video on them in the near future.


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